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Image of AF Foamclene cleaning fluid

AF Foamclene cleaning fluid

FoamClene is a powerful anti-static foaming cleaner that lifts grease and dirt from the casing leaves it looking like new - use it with a highly absorbent AF cloth such as Safecloths.

Image of AF PlatenClene - cleaning fluid

AF PlatenClene - cleaning fluid

Restore grip to feeder sheet on machines with automatic document feed systems using this 100 ml aerosol cleaning spray. It leaves no residue and dissolves ink stains, oil & grease.

Image of AF Safecloths cleaning cloths

AF Safecloths cleaning cloths

Automated Facilities is a world's leading manufacturer of computer and office equipment cleaning products. This narrow specialization has one big advantage - with these products you can be sure the cleaning you make is perfect. All you have to do is just...

Image of AF Screen-Clene cleaning wipes

AF Screen-Clene cleaning wipes

Screen-Clene anti-static cleaning wipes have been designed to provide a safe, effective and smear-free solution to cleaning screens and filters. Screen-Clene wipes are economical and easy to use.

Image of AF Sprayduster air duster

AF Sprayduster air duster

Invertible Spray Duster can be inverted and sprayed in any direction without threat of dispensing liquid on valuable equipment. It is ideal for removing microscopic dust, lint and other contaminants from hard-to-reach places. Actuators allow strength...