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Image of CamRanger 2 Charger Kit

CamRanger 2 Charger Kit

The CamRanger 2 Charger Kit has been designed to charge up to two CamRanger 2 batteries at one time. This allows you to continue shooting for as long is needed. The kit comes with a micro-USB cable for fast and reliable charging.

Image of CamRanger 2 Mounting Clamp

CamRanger 2 Mounting Clamp

The CamRanger 2 Mounting Clamp is an Arca Swiss compatible unit that allows you to securely mount your CamRanger 2 to L-brackets or plates. Its high-quality build will last for years without fail.

Image of CamRanger 2 Spare Battery

CamRanger 2 Spare Battery

This is a spare or replacement, rechargeable 3300mAh Lithium Ion battery for the CamRanger 2.

Image of CamRanger 2 Wireless Transmitter

CamRanger 2 Wireless Transmitter

The CamRanger 2 Wireless Transmitter builds upon the original CamRanger that has previously set the standard for pro-photography transmitters. It delivers wireless tethering and camera control 5 times faster than the original CamRanger and offers 3 times...

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Image of CamRanger Mini Wireless Transmitter
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Image of CamRanger MP-360 Motorised Tripod Head and PT Hub

CamRanger MP-360 Motorised Tripod Head and PT Hub

The CamRanger MP-360 Motorised Tripod Head and PT Hub is to be used with the CamRanger (not included, available separately) and allows you to pan or tilt your camera from the wired handset (included) or via a phone or tablet using the CamRanger app (free...

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Image of CamRanger MP-360 + PT Hub

CamRanger MP-360 + PT Hub

Panorama Head / 800 g / Load Capacity 3 kg / Height 115 mm

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Image of CamRanger PT Hub

CamRanger PT Hub

The CamRanger PT Hub is powered directly from the CamRanger (not included) and includes the two cables required to connect the CamRanger and the MP-360 (not included) to each other. This makes it possible to control your camera's functions and position...

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