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Image of Anti-Static Project Tray

Anti-Static Project Tray

Perfect for phone repairs and other electronics projects, the iFixit Anti-Static Project Tray has a side compartment for your smartphone and 20 small compartments for screws and other essentials.The project tray is made from anti-static plastic, so it's...

Image of Economy Cleaning Blower

Economy Cleaning Blower

Keep dust out of your PC with the iFixit Economy Cleaning Blower. This rubber handheld dust blower is perfect for cleaning delicate circuits and cooling fans.

Image of iFlex Opening Tool

iFlex Opening Tool

Thin and handy, the iFixit iFlex Opening Tool can get into the tight gaps on your electronics. Being only 0.2 mm thick with a non-slip handle, you'll be able to open devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Image of iMac Opening Wheel

iMac Opening Wheel

The iFixit iMac Opening Wheel is the right tool for repairing the hardware on your iMac. A cutting wheel slips into the thin gap between the display and aluminium frame to cut the foam tape. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or just needing it for a one-time...

Image of iOpener Toolkit

iOpener Toolkit

The iFixit iOpener Toolkit applies heat to the adhesive on your iPad case so you can open it.You can use it on any glued electronic devices such as tablets or smartphones that require heat application to open them for repairs.Just heat it in your microwave...

Image of Jimmy Tool

Jimmy Tool

The iFixit Jimmy Tool has a high-quality steel blade and an ergonomic handle. Always handy and precise, it helps you open all kinds of electronic devices.

Image of Magnetic Project Mat

Magnetic Project Mat

When you're repairing electronics, the iFixit Magnetic Project Mat keeps your small bits and pieces organised.Draw a grid to keep track of loose screws or write notes so you won't forget where it goes. Because the mat is magnetic, everything stays in...

Image of Mahi Driver 48-piece Kit

Mahi Driver 48-piece Kit

Great for home and work projects, the iFixit Mahi Driver 48-piece Kit gives you a unique assortment of standard and 1/4” driver bits.With a handy magnetic bit socket and swivel top, the screwdriver makes sure all 48 heads stay put. Plus, it's made of...

Image of Mako Driver 64-piece Kit

Mako Driver 64-piece Kit

Whatever it is you're repairing, the iFixit Mako Driver 64-piece Kit gives you a unique assortment of standard and atypical driver bits in various sizes.With a handy magnetic bit socket, the aluminium screwdriver makes sure all 64 heads stay put. And...

Image of Manta Driver 112-piece Kit

Manta Driver 112-piece Kit

With a huge assortment of standard and atypical driver bits, the iFixit Manta Driver 112-piece Kit is a practical companion for any handyman. Whether you need a pentalobe for an iPhone repair or a standard flat-head, this set has it.With a magnetic bit...

Image of Opening Picks - Pack of 6

Opening Picks - Pack of 6

You can use this handy set of six iFixit Opening Picks for opening sealed electronics. Pry open devices such as your iPad, smartphone or tablet without a struggle to take care of simple repairs.

Image of Opening Tool - Pack of 5

Opening Tool - Pack of 5

Need to get into your device without damaging it? The iFixit Opening Tool gives you non-slip leverage so you can safely pry open cracks. It works well on sealed electronics such as smartphones and tablets.

Image of Plastic Cards - Set of 2

Plastic Cards - Set of 2

The iFixit Plastic Cards come in a package of two and help you safely open electronic devices. They're the size of a credit-card so you can slide them between plastic tech parts to pry them open. You can even use them for scraping or spreading thermal...

Image of Polyimide Electrical Insulation Tape

Polyimide Electrical Insulation Tape

Indispensable as masking in soldering and powder coating, iFixit Polyimide Electrical Insulation Tape offers high temperature resistance and excellent thermal conductivity. Each roll has 108 feet of tape and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Image of Precision Tweezers Set

Precision Tweezers Set

Tackle delicate repair jobs with the iFixit Precision Tweezers Set. Its specialised coating prevents any damage to sensitive electronics. Choose from pointed, angled or blunt tweezer tips, depending on your project.

Image of Probe and Pick Set - Set of 4

Probe and Pick Set - Set of 4

With four stainless-steel probes, the iFixit Probe and Pick Set is good to have around for precise scraping, cleaning, probing, o-rings, springs, and other small, detailed tech jobs.

Image of Prying and Opening Tool Assortment

Prying and Opening Tool Assortment

Prying open electronics for repairs is never easy. But with the iFIXIT Prying and Opening Tool Assortment, you'll have picks, spudgers, prying tools and other practical tools to make the job easier. And the lifetime manufacturer's guarantee gives you...

Image of Repair Business Toolkit

Repair Business Toolkit

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit contains everything a pro or amateur electronics repairman could dream of.From screwdrivers with exotic bits to precise scalpels and openers, you'll be able to repair PCs, smartphones and other electronic devices.And in order...

Image of Rubber Suction Cup - Pack of 2

Rubber Suction Cup - Pack of 2

This pair of iFixit Suction Cups help you lift and remove large glass panels from LCD screens. Ideal for iMacs and larger laptops, these nifty suction cups make it easier to safely replace PC displays.

Image of Scalpel 17-piece Kit

Scalpel 17-piece Kit

Made of solid aluminium, the iFixit Scalpel 17-piece Kit is ideal for precise craftwork or small repairs. You get 16 blades in five different shapes. To switch the blades, just insert them into the handle and tighten.