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Image of Litra Bar / Drone Mount

Litra Bar / Drone Mount

Mount your LitraTorch to a drone, bicycle handlebar, seat post or any other tube shaped structure. The all-aluminium mount is fixed to the bar with 2 machine screws (Hex wrench included). The light is fixed to the mount with a standard GoPro style finger...

Image of Litra Cold Shoe Ball Mount

Litra Cold Shoe Ball Mount

Mount your LitraTorch or LitraPro to a universal hot or cold shoe mount on camera, video or tripod. It has a multi-function ball swivel joint with locking lever and is made with a high quality aluminium and steel construction with durable anodized and...

Image of Litra Double Mount

Litra Double Mount

The Litra Double Mount is for the Single Torch, Pro Light, GoPro and other action sports cameras. The mount has a standard camera 1/4-20 mount on the base for use with tripod or handle. Note GoPro mounts not included with the Double Mount, but are included...

Image of Litra Handle

Litra Handle

The aluminium Litra Handle with rubber grip is for use with the LitraTorch or LitraPro. It has a standard ¼-20 male thread to attach directly to a LitraTorch/LitraPro, Double Mount and Triple Mount. Includes wrist lanyard.

Image of Litra Head Mount

Litra Head Mount

Strap your Litra Torch to your head using this Litra Head Mount.

Image of Litra LitraPro Soft Box

Litra LitraPro Soft Box

Flash Softbox

Image of Litra LitraTorch

Litra LitraTorch

Video Light / Suitable for Camera Type Universal / Zoom Reflector without / Colour Temperature 5,700 K

Image of Litra LitraTorch 2.0

Litra LitraTorch 2.0

Video Light / Suitable for Camera Type Universal / Zoom Reflector without / 90 g / Colour Temperature 5,700 K

Image of LitraPro


LitraPro is the world's first full spectrum bi-colour compact video and photo adventure light on the market. Built with bluetooth compatibility, adjustable colour temperature, and fully dimmable lighting, the LitraPro achieves an entirely new level of...

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Image of LitraPro Barn Doors

LitraPro Barn Doors

Lightweight and sturdy, the LitraPro Barn Doors snap-on to the LitraPro light and allow you to direct light output and limit spill light.

Image of LitraPro Filter Set

LitraPro Filter Set

For use with the LitraPro LED light, the LitraPro Filter Set allows you to add some colour to your scene. The set contains a red, green, yellow and blue colour filter, a white diffuser, and 3 filter frames to fit on the LitraPro. These also work with...

Image of LitraPro Honey Comb

LitraPro Honey Comb

The LitraPro Honeycomb allows you to shape the intensity of the light output. Included are 2 snap-on honeycomb frame sets.

Image of LitraPro Soft Box

LitraPro Soft Box

The LitraPro Soft Box is a collapsible design that snaps onto the Pro Light. It has a reflective silver interior that creates a soft and evenly reflected light. It comes complete with a carry bag.

Image of Litra Smart Phone Mount

Litra Smart Phone Mount

Mount your LitraTorch or LitraPro to your smartphone with the Litra Smart Phone Mount. It is expandable from 2.3" to 3.5" for most standard and oversized phone. It has a ¼-20 male screw on top to mount your LitraTorch/LitraPro and a ¼-20 female mount...

Image of Litra Studio

Litra Studio

The Litra Studio is the only light capable of delivering such impressive power in an extremely compact body. Litra Studio features precision designed microstructure lenses that provide a smooth and even light pattern without harsh edges or a centre hotspot....

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Image of Litra Studio Battery

Litra Studio Battery

The Litra Studio Battery is a spare or replacement rechargeable, fast swappable 9,000 mAh Lithium Ion battery for the Litra Studio. The battery can run for 20hrs on low setting or for 1hr at 2,400 Lumen.

Image of Litra Studio Flash Sync Cable

Litra Studio Flash Sync Cable

The Litra Studio Flash Sync Cable is a DC barrel to USB Type-C cable that converts light to 6000-Lumen flash.

Image of Litra Studio Light Modification Kit

Litra Studio Light Modification Kit

The Litra Studio Light Modification Kit consists of a soft box, a honeycomb, and barn doors. The kit supplies you everything you need to further control the light from the Litra Studio.

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Image of Litra Studio SDMX Dongle

Litra Studio SDMX Dongle

The Litra Studio SDMX Dongle connects via USB Type-C Port on the Light and can control multiple LitraStudio lights.

Image of Litra Studio Soft Box / Frame Accessory

Litra Studio Soft Box / Frame Accessory

The Litra Studio Soft Box/Frame Accessory acts as both, a snap-on diffuser and a frame, which supports barndoors and the honeycomb grid available separately for the Litra Studio light. The rigid accessory helps to deliver a soft and diffused look.