Asus TUF Gaming H7 7.1 Gaming Headset

Asus TUF Gaming H7 7.1 Gaming Headset


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TUF Gaming H7 PC and PS4 gaming headset with onboard 71 virtual surround and upgraded ear cushions for eyewear comfort Pressure-reducing cushion for improved comfort when wearing glasses Tough stainless-steel headband for better stability and durability Exclusive 53mm ASUS Essence drivers and airtight chamber for immersive audio Onboard 71 virtual surround sound with the single press of a button on the in-line controls Cross-platform support for PC Mac PS4 Nintendo Switch mobile phones and Xbox One Refined comfort Upgraded durability The new TUF Gaming H7 headset is designed to provide incredible comfort for gamers who play or stream for extended periods featuring upgraded ear cushions made with a specialized cooling fabric and softer channels positioned to reduce pressure on eyeglass frames Boasting iconic 53mm ASUS Essence drivers an airtight chamber design and virtual 71 surround sound TUF Gaming H7 upgrades your in-game audio experience with rich immersive sound True to the TUF name the headset also features a durable stainless-steel headband built to withstand the rigors of gaming and travel for years to come Incredibly Deep Bass Clearer Details Exclusive Airtight chamber and ASUS Essence Drivers TUF Gaming H7 has inherited the most iconic ASUS gaming headset audio features including the exclusive airtight chamber and 53mm ASUS Essence drivers which provide clearer sound with strong bass for a natural-sounding immersive gaming experience Instant Gaming Immersion Button-enabled 71 virtual surround sound TUF Gaming H7 comes with onboard 71 virtual surround sound that can be instantly enabled with a single button on the in-line controls All audio processing is performed by the headset so no software needs to be installed and PC performance is not affected Supreme Comfort for Long Gaming Sessions With adjustable ear cups TUF Gaming H7 fits all kinds of head shapes and enables gamers to play for long periods of time without fatigue The ear cushions have been upgraded with a softer material which reduces pressure on eyewear to provide better comfort for gamers who wear glasses Unlike other headsets the ear cushions on TUF Gaming H7 also feature a combination of specialized fast-cooling fabric and leather for improved comfort and sound isolation The fast-cooling fabric reduces heat by 25 to help gamers stay cool during long gaming sessions Exclusive ASUS Hybrid ear cushions for superb sound isolation and comfort Specialized fast-cooling fabric stays cool and comfortable during long gaming sessions Pressure-reducing material improves comfort for gamers who wear glasses Wrap-around ear cushion design provides a 30 larger coverage area and 50 better sound isolation Tough Long-Lasting Durability Stainless-steel headband To withstand the rigors of intense gaming the headband on TUF Gaming H7 is made of durable stainless steel It has also been re-designed to provide 20 less clamping force than the previous version for improved comfort when gaming Dual Microphones Good for gaming and on-the-go chat TUF Gaming H7 is thoughtfully designed with two microphones a detachable boom mic that provides clear communication when gaming and an in-line microphone with convenient volume and microphone-mute controls for phone calls and other everyday tasks One Headset for All Platforms With TUF Gaming H7 you don&39;t need another headset for console gaming TUF gaming H7 headset supports multiple platforms including PC Mac PS4 Nintendo Switch mobile phones and Xbox One Armoury II Armoury II software offers extensive controls and an intuitive UI so you can easily tune TUF Gaming H7 to play your way Take full control of your audio experience from equalization (EQ) to 71-speaker level-balancing and easily create and apply audio profiles for different game types and scenarios such as first-person shooters and racing Specification Type Over-ear Connector USB 35 mm(18â) connector Audiomic combo Cable Braided headset cable 12m virtual 71 USB dongle 014m Wireless No Noise Management Features Airtight chamber (adjustable ear cups) Driver Driver diameter 53 mm Driver material Neodymium magnet Sensitivity Microphone boom Sensitivity -40 dB In-line Microphone Sensitivity -45 dB Frequency Response Headphones 20 20000 Hz Microphone boom 50 10000 Hz In-line Microphone 50 10000 Hz Impedance 32 Ohm Microphone Yes Microphone Details Uni-directional microphone Platform Compatability "PC Mac PS4 Nintendo Switch mobile phones and Xbox One" HideLED Lighting No Additional Features See Overview Accessories Detachable microphone Quick start guide Package Weight 08990 kg Package Type Retail Warranty 2 Years


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