beyerdynamic Amiron Home Wired High-End Open-Back Headphones


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Immerse yourself in sound. The beyerdynamic Amiron Home Wired High-End Open-Back Headphones give you the ultimate hi-fi experience. Dynamic Tesla drivers reproduce your music with outstanding precision. Every nuance is delivered with captivating realism enveloping you in deep defined bass a rich and full mid-range and exciting silky highs. And with an open-back design you can experience the Amiron Homes incredible sound stage for an authentic concert experience in the comfort of your own home. Specially-selected materials have been used to create a headband and ear pads that are as soft as velvet. Combined with balanced headband pressure the Amiron Home headphones are incredibly comfortable – perfect for even the longest of listening sessions. These powerful headphones come complete with a detachable 3-metre double-sided cable a 1/4 jack adapter and a handy transport case. Premium materials phenomenal comfort and revered sound quality. The beyerdynamic Amiron Home Wired Headphones are the ultimate choice for audiophiles.


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