beyerdynamic DT 250 Pro Headphones 250 Ohm


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Versatile performance meets maximum comfort. Meet the beyerdynamic DT 250 Pro Headphones. Their comfortable fit combined with incredible sound reproduction has made the DT 250s a permanent fixture in the world of live and studio monitoring. Ensure a fantastic linear response with accurate sound reproduction thanks to the inclusion of a powerful neodynium magnet. Youll be able to use the DT 250s for extended periods of time without fatigue or discomfort. This is thanks to their unobtrusive low-profile and lightweight design which features an advanced ear cushion system and adjustable soft padded headband. With a 250 Ohm impedance the beyerdynamic DT 250 Pro Headphones are an ideal choice for professional audio applications as well as being easy enough to drive for portable and multi-purpose listening. Note: The 250 Ohm impedance means these are better suited to hi-fi studio and live applications and would strongly benefit from some form of external amplification.


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