CS351 SupraPlus Quint Wireless Headset


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Boost productivity in the workplace with the modern functional headset – the Plantronics CS351 SupraPlus. This product allows the user to perform more tasks at work as it gives real mobility and convenience. With an amplifier to plug on the phone unit and a charger for the headset, the user is guaranteed to have uninterrupted cordless phone conversations for hours on end. The CS351 is designed to fit today’s office demands. Using advanced wireless headset technology, it provides the same superior audio clarity you would expect from a Plantronics headset. With a voice tube microphone, the headset can excellently filter background noise to make digitally clear communication possible. Not to compromise user mobility, it features a wide call range of 300 feet to maintain talk time even if away from the desk. It comes with an optional handset lifter that allows users to answer and end calls while in a different location. The ergonomic headset is also made with an over-the-head design for wearing comfort and neck pain prevention. Its extended 10-hour talk time makes it one of the most functional headset systems in the market today. It also has a 64-bit digital encryption for better call security. The Plantronics CS 351 combines superior call quality and increased user mobility. For today’s busy office professional, this product is the right solution to increasing productivity at work.


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