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The excellent quality Plantronics-HW 111N Entera Wideband Audio corded headset has been designed for all-day use in busy office environments and incorporates many features commonly found on professional headsets of a much higher price-range. Single earpiece model allows you to easily converse with colleaguesThe single earpiece model delivers exceptional sound quality when receiving calls and facilitates flexible one-ear operation that allows the user to keep up to date by easily conversing with work colleagues. The Plantronics-Entera is also available in a two-earpiece version – Plantronics Entera HW121N designed for use in much noisier office environments.Fully adjustable – with comfortable lightweight designThe HW111N Entera headset features a fully adjustable headband that comfortably fits all head sizes. There is a luxury, soft-foam ear-cushion for comfortable wearing and the headset can be easily adjusted for use on either ear for maximum convenience. The lightweight, ergonomic design of the HW111N ensures that the ear cushion rests easy on the wearer’s ear for hours of effective use.Noise reducing technology for enhanced voice clarityThe HW111N embodies Plantronics’ noise-reducing technology for eliminating interference from background noise. The specially designed noise-cancelling microphone delivers crisp audio quality for maximum voice clarity and the microphone arm can be swiveled up and down to suit the wearer.Designed for use with increasingly popular VoIP systemsThe Plantronics HW111N-Entera headset has been designed with the future in mind and is equipped with Wideband Audio, making it compatible with increasingly popular VoIP systems. The Plantronics Entera optimises sound quality when used with VoIP applications and will easily work with systems that have converted to VoIP. Convenient Quick Disconnect lets you easily move aroundThe Plantronics-HW111N features a Quick Disconnect plug for use with the optional headset connection cable, (purchase separately) which plugs directly into compatible phone systems. The headset can be quickly unplugged allowing the headset user to move from their workstation without having to remove the HW111N.The Plantronics HW111N comes in at a very reasonable price and is a straightforward, simple to use headset that represents excellent value for money.


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