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A wireless headset you hardly notice!Surveys show that headsets can reduce muscle tension in the workplace by up to 41% and boost efficiency by up to 43%. Weighing just 27.5 grams, Doro Prosound hs1910 dect is the ultimate headset. As light as a feather, and comfortable when worn for long periods. It’s as close as you can get to complete freedom of movement.Exceptional sound qualityNot only is the sound quality of a conversation exceptionally high, thanks to Doro’s sound filter all disruptive background noise is cut out. Our special Acoustic Burst Protection feature muffles sudden high noises immediately. Crystal sharp sound at all times –guaranteed!Long range sets you freeDoro Prosound hs1910 DECT gives maximum freedom both in your office at home or in a large business. Up to 150-metres range and line-interface mean you have a separate answering unit with you at all times, without needing to take the telephone with you. Line-interface helps you connect the headset as a normal telephone in an analog socket and use the headset to answer calls. Only Doro can offer this special feature.This wireless dect headset has superior range compared with headsets that use Bluetooth technology.Thanks to DECT technology the range of the headset is up to 150 metres, compared with just 10 metres for a Bluetooth headset. So, to give yourself greater wireless freedom.Perfect for everyone who wants both hands free while they workToday’s open office landscapes provide maximum freedom of movement and our sophisticated headsets provide comfortable access and superb sound quality. Quite simply the perfect choice for everyone who likes to move around freely, but especially when you want to find a quiet corner of your office. Choose how to wear itDoro Prosound hs1910 DECT is very flexible. Choose one of the following for maximum comfort:


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