P61 Supra Binaural Polaris Headset


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Customer service representatives and staff in busy call centers look to this headset for unmatched sound quality and comfort. Twin speakers of the highest quality are mounted on two-way swivels and rest gently but firmly on the outside of the ear, to block out distracting colleagues’ conversations. Soft cushions ensure the headset stays comfortable all day. Plantronics’ Sound Enhancement System® (SES) gives you the option to enhance the caller’s voice for even greater clarity. Add a noise-canceling microphone and you’ll have the best sounding, most comfortable headset available. The Quick Disconnect cord allows you to break away from your caller without placing them on hold. The Encore Binaural Polaris Headset requires a phone system with an existing internal amplifier. The Plantronics Supra P61 Binaural Polaris Headset headset offers users the opportunity to concentrate solely on every call they receive, rather than being distracted by work colleagues or calls going on around them. With sound being equally distributed between both ears, they are able to hold productive and efficient conversations that don’t require repetition or result in misunderstandings.


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