Sennheiser HD 650 Audiophile Open Dynamic Headphones with Transit DAC


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Unmatched. The Sennheiser HD 650s are a favourite amongst audiophiles. Able to transport you to a different place with their stunning accuracy and detail. Their natural balanced response delivers the most authentic reproduction of your music. The benchmark in headphone design. An open back construction creates an immersive stereo field. Enjoy hours of listening in total comfort thanks to velour earcups that envelope your ears. You get the supreme listening experience due to Sennheisers insistence on handpicked components. All the way down to the high-quality titanium finish. The M-Audio Transit Pro 32Bit/384KHZ DSD Audio DAC takes an digital audio signal from your computer and delivers the highest quality analog signal to any audio component with an optical digital input. This super-high resolution USB to optical digital/DSD (Direct Stream Digital) converter features eight user-selectable sampling rates between 44.1 and 384kHz so you can achieve the exact performance level needed for any given circumstance.


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