SONY MDR-EX650APT Headphones – Black & Gold, Black


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Top features: – Hear every note with less distortion – Get great bass with accurate mid and high notes – Listen to clearer treble and powerful sound with brass duct engineering Hear every note with less distortionDo justice to your music with the Sony MDR-EX650APT Headphones. A brass construction helps to minimise distortion for clearer sound. This means your music sounds better, with less clarity and unwanted vibration. And an angled earbud design makes the headphones feel more comfy and secure in your ears.Get great bassThe brass housing also helps to lower distortion when it comes to bass. This keeps sound stable, for clear mid tones and high notes no matter what you’re listening to.Listen to clearer treble and powerful soundSony MDR-EX650APT Headphones are designed to deliver accurate sound without compromising on power. For higher stability and clearer treble, expanded brass ducts have a 15% larger inner diameter than conventional headphones. The result is powerful sound full of detail.


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