Thomson Whp3311bk-uk Rf Headphones Black

Thomson Whp3311bk-uk Rf Headphones Black


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Thomson WHP3311BK Wireless Headphones are specifically engineered to provide maximum convenience style and comfort with no subsequent sound deterioration all in a sleek and compact package Transmitted via radio signal from the charging station to the headphones sound can be transmitted at a frequency of 863MHz to a distance of 100m in open space or 20-30m in buildings meaning you can move between rooms and still carry the sound with you loud and clear There is no need to worry about interference with 3 different transmission channels and integrated autotuning (automatic station search) which eliminates any loss of sound or fuzziness as you move around or at distance from the charging station as long as you remain within the maximum range Powered by 2 x AAA batteries included in the delivery package the headphones can be switched on and off via their own power button with LED indicator and rest on the charging station when not in use to recharge a process which can be monitored easily by the integrated charging functionbattery charge indicator When required they can then be removed from the station and worn for extended periods of up to 8h battery life in maximum comfort thanks to the elastic headband and generously padded ear cushions to ensure that your listening pleasure does not turn into unnecessary ear aches and pains!Thomson WHP3311BK-UK Wireless HeadphonesLet the Sound Come to YouThomson WHP3311 Headphones aim to create convenience comfort and style Wirelessly transmitting crystal clear sound from an audio source direct to the headset they thus eliminate the constrictions of a wire Embrace the freedom with an impressive range of 100m outdoors and 20-30 m indoors Wander around the home or garden carry out chores errands or work and remain in awe at the amazing capabilities of the WHP3311 as they continue to deliver enhanced audio through various walls and floors Clarity adjusts swiftly as you stroll from room to room with three transmission channels to choose from in order to achieve better reception and prevent distortion Extremely simple to use the one button set-up can overcome the anxieties of even the worst of technophobes Once the headphones are charged connect your chosen audio device to the base unit using one of the included cables (35 mm jack cable or RCA adapter) turn both base and headphones on and press the Autotune button Your music will be picked up by the headset within seconds It really is that easy WHP3311 are not just about the music Comfort is important too especially during periods of extended wear You will not get much enjoyment from listening to music with sore ears To help prevent this from happening the WHP3311 feature a flexible elastic headband that adjusts to different users and head sizes and moves and flexes as you do minimising friction across the top of the head Plump ear cushion rest softly on the ears and help to create an acoustic seal against ambient noises that could otherwise prove to be a disturbance Compatible with a wide range of audio devices in addition to iPods and traditional music players the WHP3311 is also popular for use with television sets offering users the opportunity of watching late night TV or increasing volume to their preferred level without disturbing others or others disturbing them! With a frequency range that improves on that offered by the speakers of some TVs the WHP3311 open your ears to a whole new level of sound and add previously unnoticed substance and depth to a scene be it the sound of soft footsteps on a path the whispering of voices or something else Rest and RechargeAble to sit elegantly on a bedside desk counter top or other flat surface (and looking rather impressive as it does so) the base unit of the WHP3311 conveniently functions not just as a means of storage but also as a recharging station Slotted into the appropriately moulded recess in the base unit which is then connected to mains power supply the WHP3311 commences recharge of the 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries that power the headset A process that is indicated by illumination of the integrated LED With a respectable 8 hours of average battery life when fully charged leave the WHP3311 in the base unit overnight and they will be prepped and ready to get you through the day ahead 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries8 hr battery lifeQuick and convenient recharging via base unit


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