Voyager PRO HD Headset

Voyager PRO HD Headset


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The Plantronics Voyager PRO HD with Smart Sensor technology redefines hands-free convenience. This headset is so smart, that by simply placing it on your ear, it automatically answers your phone or transfers calls back and forth between your phone and headset. Voyager PRO HD takes you beyond the headset, with our Vocalyst™ service that lets you manage email, check weather or update Facebook, and the Plantronics MyHeadset™ app that gives you tips, tricks and tools for Android™ and iPhone. Brilliant HD audio for natural sounding conversations and superior comfort make this the smartest headset for smartphones.Key features on this headset include: Revolutionary Smart Sensor technology that automatically answers calls when you put on your headset, Smart sensor technology that knows whether to send calls to your mobile phone or to your headset, Streams music, podcasts, GPS directions and other audio, Pauses streaming audio for calls or when the headset is taken off, Voice alerts anounce talktime, volume, connection and more, Eliminates accidental dialling by locking call button when headset is not worn, Triple tap of call button dials Vocalyst voice and text service, Monitors your headset battery level on-screen with Android and iphone, Plantronics MyHeadset app gives you tips, tricks and tools for Android phones and Experience brilliant HD streaming audio plus natural clear calls.This smart headset for your smartphone is ideal for the user that fully embraces the the headset philosophy and are definitely extremely heavy users of headsets. As their travel burden is heavy, not just by car, but also by trains and planes, they need to keep in touch via voice. They expect high performance and excellent noise cancelling capabilities as they are working in some of the most noisy environments and public spaces. These users want to be kept entertained while on the go and therefore want a headset capable of streaming music, podcasts, GPS and more. But performance is absolutely the key for these users; they want the very best audio, the most comfortable design, the easiest to set up with advanced time saving features, thus helping them to squeeze the very most out of their day.


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About Us brings digital products – Smart TVs, Webcams, Laptops and more to you with the ability to compare prices before you buy.

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