Cadfael The Complete Collection Series 1-4 DVD

Cadfael The Complete Collection Series 1-4 DVD


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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play All thirteen episodes of the drama series starring Derek Jacobi as the medieval sleuth In the opening episode &39;One Corpse Too Many&39; Cadfael once a man of the world has become a man of the cloth However this by no means qualifies him as a saint He discovers a murder and sets out in pursuit of the perpertrator assisted by a lovely young fugitive &39;The Sanctuary Sparrow&39; sees Brother Cadfael investigating the murder of the local goldsmith In &39;The Leper of St Giles&39; a great wedding is to take place in the Abbey of Shrewsbury between Baron Huon (Norman Eshley) and Iveta De Massard (Tara Fitzgerald) Iveta is a beautiful kind soul and on the day she and her betrothed ride into the town she throws money to the lepers but her brutish Baron beats them On the eve of the wedding he rides off into the night never to return Cadfael sets out to find out what is going on In &39;Monk&39;s Hood&39; a landowner cuts his son-in-law out of his will leaving his inheritance to the church However before the transaction is finished Gervase Gurney (Bernard Gallagher) is poisoned whilst staying at the Abbey of Shrewsbury Cadfael finds someone from his past as he looks into the poisoning In &39;The Virgin in the Ice&39; Cadfael has to prove the innocence of his novice Oswin (Mark Charnock) who is accused of murdering a nun after he is found wandering deliriously In &39;The Devil&39;s Novice&39; Cadfael is suspicious when a young man Meriet (Christien Anholt) arrives at Shrewsbury Abbey wishing to become a Novice Canon Eluard (Ian McNeice) shares Cadfael&39;s doubts as to Meriet&39;s intentions and when the half-burned body of a colleague is discovered Meriet is accused of murder In &39;A Morbid Taste For Bones&39; Cadfael reluctantly accompanies an expedition to dig up the grave of St Winifred after one of the Shrewsbury monks has a vision He soon finds himself investigating a murder when Lord Rhysart (John Hallam) is found dead on a forest track with an arrow in his chest Robert (Michael Culver) believes the culprit to be Godwin who was having an affair with Rhysart&39;s daughter Sioned (Anna Friel) However Cadfael has other ideas In &39;The Rose Rent&39; the recently-widowed of a rich merchant becomes an attraction for the men of Shrewsbury until one of her suitors and a monk are murdered In &39;St Peter&39;s Fair&39; conflict arises between the townspeople of Shrewsbury and visitors to the annual fair In &39;The Raven in the Foregate&39; Cadfael has a double murder to solve when a pregnant girl and a priest who refused to hear her confession are both killed In &39;The Holy Thief&39; Cadfael is on the hunt for a beautiful slave girl and the bones of St Winifred both of which have mysteriously disappeared from the Abbey In &39;The Potter&39;s Field&39; Cadfael uncovers a terrible web of jealousy adultery and suicide pacts when he examines the past of a potter who has entered the monastery under suspicious circumstances Finally in &39;The Pilgrim of Hate&39; an old man&39;s corpse is found in a sack in the Abbey and Cadfael must find his killer


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