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Star Trek The Original Series Complete Series 2 Blu-ray

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Please note this is a region B Blu-ray and will require a region B or region free Blu-ray player in order to play All 26 episodes from the second season of the Star Trek series that started it all &39;Amok Time&39; sees Mr Spock behaving most illogically Kirk deduces that he must be returned to Vulcan for an ancient mating ritual In &39;Who Mourns for Adonais?&39; a giant hand grabs hold of the Enterprise and its owner claims to be the Greek god Apollo &39;The Changeling&39; sees a space probe called NOMAD enter the Enterprise after mistaking Kirk for its creator In &39;Mirror Mirror&39; Kirk and a landing party are transported into a savage parallel universe where Spock has a beard In &39;The Apple&39; Kirk and friends discover the people of Gamma Trianguli VI enslaved to a despotic computer shaped like a serpent&39;s head In &39;The Doomsday Machine&39; the Enterprise crew rescue Captain Decker from the crippled USS Constellation In &39;Catspaw&39; Kirk and his crew encounter the mysterious but deadly aliens Sylvia and Korob In &39;I Mudd&39; the galactic conman Harry Mudd is found living on a planet surrounded by beautiful androids &39;Metamorphosis&39; sees Kirk Spock and an ailing Federation Commissioner forced to land on a planet where they meet Zefram Cochrane inventor of the warp drive In &39;Journey to Babel&39; the Enterprise accompanies a number of diplomats to a conference one of them being Spock&39;s father Sarek In &39;Friday&39;s Child&39; the Enterprise crew race to prevent the Klingons forming an alliance with the inhabitants of Capella IV &39;The Deadly Years&39; sees the crew of the Enterprise subjected to rapid ageing through an alien disease and a senile Kirk becomes unable to command the ship competently In &39;Obsession&39; a murderous cloud attacks the Enterprise and Kirk realises he has encountered it before In &39;Wolf in the Fold&39; Scotty finds himself the chief suspect in a series of female murders In &39;The Trouble with Tribbles&39; Kirk and crew find themselves besieged with small furry animals while guarding a consignment of grain &39;The Gamesters of Triskelion&39; sees Kirk Uhura and Chekov captured by powerful aliens and forced to become gladiators for their entertainment In &39;A Piece of the Action&39; Kirk and company discover a planet where the culture is based on Earth&39;s Chicago gang scene In &39;The Immunity Syndrome&39; the Enterprise discovers a huge space-born being that destroyed the USS Intrepid In &39;A Private Little War&39; Kirk discovers war on the planet Neural In &39;Return to Tomorrow&39; the crew of the Enterprise encounter some energy beings who want to borrow their bodies to help them construct androids In &39;Patterns of Force&39; Kirk finds that the Prime Directive has been broken and a planet has developed in an unnatural way so that the society reflects that of Nazi Germany In &39;By Any Other Name&39; the ship is hijacked by a scouting party from Andromeda In &39;The Omega Glory&39; the Enterprise comes across the USS Exeter a missing starship where the crew have been wiped out by a mysterious virus In &39;The Ultimate Computer&39; Dr Daystrom uses his new computer to play war games but unfortunately the super-computer malfunctions – and begins to act on its own &39;Bread and Circuses&39; sees the discovery of a civilisation based on the Roman Empire on Earth Finally in &39;Assignment Earth&39; the Enterprise travels back to the 1960s where it discovers an alien presence trying to alter time

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